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Step into the Heartland of Mexico

Step into the Heartland of Mexico

Conocer is Spanish for “to become acquainted with” or “to get to know.”

October 27- November 6 2017

Experience the Traditional Indigeneous
"Día de los Muertos"

The license plate of cars from Michoacán says “La Alma de Mexico,”  which means "The Soul of Mexico.“ And it is true: the crafts, the traditions, the beauty of the state of Michoacan embody the essence of the many- faceted nation on our southern border. We offer this trip as a way for adventurous Northerners to experience the culture of our neighbor to the south. Particularly at this time of year when the traditions are so rich and layered during the days of Día de los Muertos. Read more

Feb. 10 - 17 or
Feb. 24 - March 3

Travel to Mexico’s  Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

Encounter millions of butterflies suspended on the limbs of oyamel pine trees.  Deep in the mountains of Mexico experience the magnificent biodiversity unique to our hemi- sphere. Join the Monarchs. Escape the winter cold.

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